Our Vision

Project Q is an emerging cohousing project; nothing is fixed at this stage other than: geographical area will be Southwest England (probably Cornwall); type of property will be farmstead/small country estate with land; an intention to align with the Quaker principles of truth, peace, equality and simplicity. Other aspects of the community are up for discussion and debate. A key aim is to help and support people through the biodiversity crisis.

What will Project Q aspire to?

An example of simple, sustainable living, showing people how we can survive and thrive during and after the existential crisis that is threatening us

A deeply spiritual space in the country to nurture members; a place where people can come to find spiritual care in connection with the climate and ecological crisis

An educational centre teaching practical skills like food-growing and crafts

A centre of inspiration and positive thinking

A loving community aligned to Quaker principles (truth, peace, equality and simplicity) with strong links to other Climate Crisis groups


We are building our vision. Join our group and be part of this!

Who would fit with Project Q?

A loving community based on Quaker principles (truth, peace, equality and simplicity)

A group of brave people who sell their houses, invest their money and move in, or move in to work diligently if they don’t have much money.

A group of people who have chosen to collectively purchase land/buildings with the intention of living as a community.

A well-balanced, structured community (all ages catered for, ideally 50/50 male female, all income levels will be welcome)

People devoted to developing deep adaptation as the climate crisis/ecological extinction crisis unfolds. Deep green warriors.

All to be strong people, educationalists, people who want to reach out and help others, not just look after themselves.

A variety of skills and interests: aiming for co-sufficiency with each of us contributing our knowledge, energy and work for the good of the whole.

A tribe of people with strong emotional bonds providing trust and security

Strong links to other groups: Quakers and other faith groups; Extinction Rebellion; Transition and environmental groups.

How will Project Q work?

The freehold will be held via a not for profit organisation, maybe a CLT. We could choose a CIC structure with each individual/family purchasing a licence; or a Mutual Home Ownership system. The licence to live within the community will be issued by the freehold organisation.

A secure organisation with strong governance

Democratic decision making constitution, with decisions by consensus

Shared mortgage

Community ownership model

Each licensee will be encouraged to become a director of the freehold organisation OR we shall have a sociocracy Charitable aims so we shall be eligible for funding.


A cohousing community, where there are shared communal spaces and private living spaces – like a little village, hamlet or farmstead

The community spaces will include normal dwellings – apartments, houses and will also include communal areas for cooking, eating, meeting and a laundry.

An existing farm or country estate with buildings already there. Site to include existing buildings on a farm with land,

Self build/self finish opportunities included

Storage unit(s) (for members) and for storing grain/ root crops/ cheese/winter food

Shared community space for gatherings/meals/music/meetings etc

Workshop facilities for practical work

Craft spaces

Hot desk office facilities with high speed internet


Several acres of land where we grow food.

Possibly a few acres of field crops

A small amount of kindly-kept animals and poultry – house cow or two, several sheep, chickens, beehives

Several acres of woodland

The community will have a shared growing space for fruit and vegetables.

Permaculture/Forest garden growing principles

Avoidance of chemicals on the land

No dig and soil conservation techniques favoured where practical

Wild natural areas on the land

Wild water features


Counties we are considering include, Cornwall, Devon and possibly others in the south west region

Secluded and quite far from a city so we are not invaded

Near a rocky, sandy beach

Quite near a train station

Not too far down a potholed lane


Deep adaptation, deep green, deep questions

Fair but giving

Aligned with Quaker principles – although not a religion based community we would encourage people to familiarise themselves with these principles and practice them living in community.

Peace: we won’t have guns to shoot invaders, instead will offer them a lovely meal and help and support

Like an old monastery – a centre which is a keeper of knowledge

Features for us

Business centre including micro-business incubators (for those who wish to work from the community and for rent to outside users)

A shared office will be provided for “hot –desking”.

Good internet

Music therapy/ community band

A focus on renewable energy generation on site and low resource use. Aim to be partly sufficient in food and energy.

Childcare facility

Enterprising culture, especially around food/drink/environmental businesses

Community electric vehicle pool. A parking area will be provided along with an electric car club. Electric minibus. Shared tractor.

Fantastic library

Swimming pool or leisure facility locally

Features for others visiting

A place where regular Quaker/ sustainability/ climate crisis camps and events are held

A refugee centre perhaps in a barn, where climate refugees have sanctuary for a few weeks on their way to where they are going (subject to funding)

Education space indoor & outdoor

Holiday and volunteer accommodation

Outreach support (active promotion programme, subject to funding, to others who wish to set up similar communities)

A place where we help teenagers and young adults find their path in this confusing and mixed-up world