Project Q

Project Q is developing a process for setting up new cohousing communities in Southwest England. They will have shared communal spaces and private living spaces, and residents will be dedicated to helping people and the environment as the climate crisis unfolds.


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Project Q is setting up a new cohousing community in Southwest England, possibly more than one, with shared communal spaces and private living spaces, where we will be dedicated to helping people and the environment.

– An example of simple, sustainable living, showing people how we can survive and thrive during and after the existential crisis that is threatening us

– A deeply spiritual space to nurture members; a place where people can come to find spiritual care in connection with the climate and ecological crisis

– An educational centre teaching practical skills like food-growing and crafts

– A centre of inspiration and positive thinking

– A loving community based on Quaker principles (truth, peace, equality and simplicity) with strong links to other Climate Crisis groups

We are seeking people who will sell their houses and invest their money, or commit to working diligently if they don’t have much money. We shall buy a country estate or farm which already has suitable buildings, move in within a few months (depending on house sale speed!) and devote ourselves to supporting others, helping people to learn to live simply with hope and happiness. In particular we shall aim to help teenagers and young adults find their path in this confusing and mixed-up world. 

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